Our Community

Oak Lake Pointe, a community developed by Sam Boyd and constructed by David Powers Homes and Woodbend Builders from 1998 to 2002, is a hidden gem comprised of 71 single-family homes. Tucked behind a gated entrance along Gessner Road, situated just inside West Sam Houston Parkway (Texas Beltway 8), approximately one mile north of Northwest Freeway (US-290).

Much like the vibrant city of Houston, Oak Lake Pointe embodies diversity. Our community is a harmonious blend of cultures, languages, generations, and life experiences. Here, it's common to see neighbors exchanging friendly waves and engaging in impromptu conversations while taking walks around our centrally-located pond or along our peaceful streets.

Oak Lake Pointe is a place where nature and community seamlessly intertwine. Our serene lake, bordered by old-growth cypress, oak & pine trees, forms a natural centerpiece that provides our community with a backdrop for contemplative walks, shared moments of tranquility, and a place for families to be together outdoors.

In addition to the intangible sense of community, Oak Lake Pointe has several other ammenities to offer our homeowners:

  • Year-Round Pool: Take a refreshing dip in our community pool, open from dawn until dusk throughout the year.
  • Scenic Pond & Fountains: Find serenity by our picturesque pond, where soothing fountains provide a beautiful and peaceful setting for everyone.
  • Proximity to Quality Schools: We're proud to be part of the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District and within walking distance of a Harmony Public School.
  • Quiet and Secure Environment: Our single gated entrance and perimeter brick wall ensure a tranquil atmosphere with no through traffic.
  • Convenient Location:
    • 25 minutes to Downtown, Galleria, Houston Heights, and IAH.
    • 10 minutes to groceries, restaurants, and retail shops.
    • 5 minutes to US-290, Beltway-8, and the METRO Park & Ride.
    • Walking distance to hike & bike trails, local restaurants, pharmacy, and convenience stores.


  • Danielle Chatman-Moore, Director
  • Otila Garcia, Director
  • Amy Geallis, President
  • Gabriela Kardoud, Director
  • Dan White, Secretary/Treasurer


Important Documents

In accordance with § 209 of the Texas Property Code, Oak Lake Pointe's Dedicatory Instruments and other important documents are available for download below:

File Name Last Updated
Articles of Incorporation September 8, 1998
Bylaws of the Association December 9, 2021
Deed Restrictions June 5, 1998
Management Certificate August 27, 2021
New Resident Welcome Package August 16, 2022
Rules & Regulations August 16, 2022

Maintenance Fees

Oak Lake Pointe now accepts payment of Annual Maintenance fees electronically through PayPal. An additional fee which is equal to our actual cost of processing your payment will be added to the total. Please follow this link to learn more.

Available Homes For Sale

Please follow this link to search for any homes in Oak Lake Pointe that are currently offered for sale through the Houston Association of Realtors' Multiple Listing Service.

Friendly Reminders

  • External Home Improvement Projects: All external home improvement projects or tree removals must be approved by the OLPHOA Board appointed Architectural Standards Committee (send an email to: asc@oaklakepointe.org to inquire further).
  • Garbage and Trash Storage: Containers for collection of waste and recycling should be stored behind fences or inside garage placed at the curb no earlier than the evening before collection.
  • Overnight Parking: Overnight parking is not allowed on the streets or in Common Areas of the Subdivision.
  • Vehicle Storage: Motor Homes, Trailers, Boats, etc. should not be left in driveways, streets, or Common Areas.
  • Pet Guidelines: Pets must always be leashed when walking in the neighborhood. Owners must clean up after their pets and cannot leave waste on streets, yards, or in Common Areas. Pets are not permitted within the Subdivision's swimming pool enclosure.
  • Streetlight Maintenance: Tree growth blocking any neighborhood streetlights should be pruned to ensure everyone's safety and proper lighting at night.
  • Yard Debris: Grass cuttings, debris, and leaves must be picked up and cannot be blown or swept into the streets.
  • Speed Limit: The speed limit inside the subdivision is 15 MPH at maximum.
  • Responsibility for Guests: Owners are responsible for sharing these rules with all occupants and visitors to their home.


Staying Connected

We are pleased to share that independent social media groups, created by residents on platforms such as Nextdoor and WhatsApp, have flourished within our community.

These resident-driven initiatives were created to help facilitate communication, share information, and foster a stronger sense of community. It's essential to emphasize that these groups operate independently and are not organized or managed by Oak Lake Pointe Homeowners Association, Inc.

Please be aware that participation in these groups is entirely voluntary. The Association neither endorses nor assumes responsibility for any content shared on these platforms.

We are excited about the positive connections these groups have cultivated within our community. If you're interested, residents can join and explore these community-driven opportunities to connect with neighbors by following the links below:

Oak Lake Pointe's Nextdoor Neighborhood
WhatsApp Chat (for current residents of Oak Lake Pointe)

Other Helpful Links



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2024 Maintenance Fees


Please select a payment option from the list which corresponds to the date range of your payment. Additionally, please be sure to provide the address of your property in the box indicated to ensure that your payment will be properly credited to your account.

If you have any questions or wish to make a partial payment or a payment after May 1st - please email us at: contact@oaklakepointe.org to request that an invoice tailored to your specific needs should be emailed to you.

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